• Contributions to partnerships and companies

    Contributions of assets to partnerships or companies are a part of doing business or management of personal property.

    They can also be used for the purposes of tax optimization, although in recent years the possibility of such actions have been constrained by the legislature. We help companies and individuals to make decisions on contribution, understand and anticipate the tax consequences associated with it for the person seeking contribution and the company which receives contribution. We also highlight the potential of the so-called "exit" from the investments (e.g. sale or redemption of shares issued in exchange for the contribution) and the related tax consequences.
  • Mergers, divisions, liquidation of enterprises

    Difficult market conditions often dictate the need for consolidation of companies or parts of the business that they conduct.

    It also happens that the liquidation of a company is necessary. In our consulting we emphasize that theoretically mergers of companies should be fiscally neutral. It must be remembered that if this could happen, the conditions predicted for in the tax laws must be complied with . In the division of companies, the classification of assets as an organized part of the enterprise is important. Liquidation of companies may result in the necessity of paying taxes by liquidated company or its shareholders, but on the other hand it can also be used for tax planning, as well as redemption of shares.
  • Transformation of business

    Many entrepreneurs operate within the individual business or partnerships.

    Along with expanding the business, this form of activity may not be sufficient, among others because of the liability for the obligations of the personal property of the company. We assist businesses in determining the tax consequences of the transformation of the form of business, and the subsequent use or disposal of assets of transformed businesses and ownership of the company (e.g. shares).
  • Fiscal management of personal property.

    Consultancy includes assistance in setting up the structures, both in Poland and abroad, enabling safe and effective use and disposal of assets.

    We present not only the most optimal solutions from the point of view of tax burdens, but also those that are used for example to keep and protect the property as a whole, while permitting its use by the designated people. I also ensure keeping reporting obligations (e.g. for NBP) on assets situated abroad.
  • International taxation

    I help individuals and companies to create international tax structures.

    I advise not only on the major issues relating to taxes in a particular country, but also in the taxation of distribution of wealth or the payment of the so-called income taxes at source. I recommend which requirements must be met in order to fully benefit from the treaties on avoidance of double taxation and the provisions of EU Directives implemented into local law (including Polish). I help with fulfillment of formalities in tax offices in Poland and abroad.
  • Transaction advisory

    When concluding a transaction, it is important to have a good lawyer who will help in the negotiations and prepare documents.

    Another important point is participation of a specialized accountant, as certain elements of transactions or actions undertaken as its part may cause the tax consequences which are not always beneficial to the parties or one of them. In practice, our staff have frequently participated in the negotiation and verifiable in terms of tax projects of the transaction documentation. Now I use this experience to manage Customers' matters.
  • Inheritances and donations

    Receiving inheritance and donations from people in your immediate family may be exempt from tax if certain conditions are met.

    The use of donated or inherited assets or selling them, however, involves different tax consequences, which the people receiving them often do not have full knowledge of. Specific difficult issues arise, among others, at the acquisition and continuation of running the company of the deceased or the donor. We have extensive practical experience in this regard, draw our Customers' attention not only to regulations involving the payment of taxes, but also the possibility of tax savings associated with the use or disposal of the received property.
  • Controls and administrative and judicial proceedings

    We advise on the development strategy during tax audits and tax proceedings, then court proceedings of the first and second instance.

    We inform customers about their rights and obligations, I act as a proxy, we prepare procedural documents (for e.g. explanations, appeals, judicial complaints). We also assist in obtaining individual interpretations of tax law, thanks to which you can obtain confirmation of the tax consequences of planned or already undertaken activities.
  • Remuneration schemes

    We prepare remuneration schemes for companies or their executives, to optimize their personal taxes and social security contributions.

    We advise what requirements must be met so that the selected solution is not challenged by the tax authorities. We verify the documentation in this regard.
  • Current tax advice

    Current tax advice is not a specialization, but is essential when conducting business activity.

    We advise Customers to solve their current problems and concerns that may relate to any kind of tax concerning their activities. Although we have the biggest experience with respect to income and international taxes, I also offer a full range of VAT services. In order to ensure the highest quality of advice in this regard, I use the consultation of befriended tax advisors.

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