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Online and consignment accounting, APA Outsourcing Centre


What is it?

No matter where you run your company: in Poland or abroad, the distance does not matter. We offer a tax accounting and payroll system using data transmission over the Internet as well as postal and courier services.

For whom?

Our service is aimed at Customers who have access to the Internet, computer, scanner and know how to use auxiliary programs, such as Microsoft Outlook or PDF creator. It is aimed also at those who use courier services to send documents.

What are the benefits?

High quality services for a low price. Thanks to the Internet and telephone communication, our customers will have at their disposal our highly-qualified specialists in each field to manage their accounting, tax issues, HR and payroll as well as the financial analysis. By reducing the costs of traditional customer service, we can reduce the price of our service.

How we do it?

Our Client sends us scanned documents via e-mail in the order of their issuance (in PDF format). We store and register those documents in an electronic form. After closing the month, in a STANDARD service we send in the same way statement containing accounting books, registers or completed declarations. The Client prints them and, if necessary, sends declarations to appropriate authorities according to our instructions; or in a PREMIUM service the documents are in our office and under the power of attorney granted by the Client we handle official matters for them. With the consignment service, the Client sends us the documents by mail or courier, and receives from us information about tax and financial results.

Why APA Accounting Office?

We are a modern customer-oriented accounting office, using different ways of cooperation with our customers which differs us from our competition. We use cutting-edge financial and accounting programs and IT systems that facilitate quick and ongoing access to information for our clients, saving time and money on repeated entering the same data (using import).

Ask us for the offer for your company, and you will find out that the costs in your company can decrease!

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