HR and payroll services


  • full HR and payroll services,
  • preparation of tax return statements PIT, ZUS and PFRON
  • updates of the payer and employees data covered by ZUS insurance,
  • preparation of transfer documents concerning budgetary and employee commitments,
  • registering employees in ZUS (Social Security Office),
  • storing documents related to the termination of employment: notices of termination, agreement of the parties, certificates of employment,
  • correcting possible errors and arrears,
  • managing employees payroll in accordance with the provisions, including variable data supplied by the Customers,
  • payroll documents and reports,
  • pay slips and certificates of employment and remuneration,
  • transferring employees' salaries to their bank accounts,
  • preparing the information on the payments to the Tax Office and ZUS (Social Security Office),
  • preparing and submitting social insurance statements to ZUS (Social Security Office),
  • preparing the annual income information (PIT-11, IFT-1R), and the annual tax calculation (PIT-40),
  • assistance and cooperation with the Customer during inspections or audits conducted by: ZUS (Social Security Office), PIP (National Labor Inspectorate) or the Tax Office.


  • comprehensive HR record-keeping (personal files)
  • registering, making changes and deregistering employees from ZUS (Social Security Office),
  • settlement of employee absenteeism,
  • preparing and submitting monthly declarations to PFRON (State Fund for Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons),
  • accepting PIP (National Labor Inspectorate) inspections on the correct conduct of HR administration, providing relevant data and explanations,
  • preparing reports and HR statements..


  • design or audit of work regulations,
  • design or audit of the Rules of ZFŚS (Social Fund),
  • design or audit of the ZFRON Rules (Company Fund for the Rehabilitation of the Disabled),
  • audit of HR documentation,
  • E-BRIEFCASE – creating database with scans of personal files records of Customer's employees and on-going adding new documents to the database. The Customer has online access to HR employees records,
  • supplying additional services, not covered by the provisions of the agreement for the supply of payroll and HR administration services (especially the preparation of additional reports, not anticipated at the stage of signing the contract).


  • acorrect calculation of payroll audit,
  • personal documentation audit,
  • carrying out corrections of ZUS (Social Security Office) statements,
  • issuing Rp-7 certificates,
  • design or audit of: the rules of work, the payroll regulations, the ZFŚS rules (Social Fund).

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