Financial analysis

We prepare financial analysis of business entities (companies, banks, social insurance offices and other) as a part of:

  • sfinancial statements (balance sheet, profit and loss account, cash flow statement, statement of changes in equity)
  • ratio analysis, including the study if:

1. Profitability ratios (including Du Pont analysis).

2. Current liquidity ratios.

3. Indicators of debt servicing capability.

4. Capital market ratios.

5. Indicators of the company's bankruptcy risk, using the following models:
  • Quick test,
  • RISK,
The service price is determined individually and it is at the level of 3 000 PLN + VAT (PLN) for standard analysis based on the financial statements of the company; for the preparation of an extensive financial analysis, requiring the involvement of a team of experts – prices are negotiated. Feel invited to use our services.

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